About Me

My name is Vika and I come from St Petersburg, Russia. I moved to London, England, with my adoptive family when I was 12 years old.

I've always loved dogs, especially border collies. They were the main breed in my family when I was growing up in England.

I met my husband, Phill, in the French Alps in January 2013 and we got our first dog, Mia (border collie), in January 2016. That's when we started to share our passion for dogs and working breeds.

We moved to Denmark in November 2017 for Phill's work, and we brought Mia with us.

We've been thinking about getting a hunting dog for a while before we finally decided to get one. We wanted a dog that was not too small or too big, and a toller seemed like the perfect choice for us.

We came across Redborn kennel, located in Ringsted, Denmark in January 2018. We decided to ask Anina, the owner and breeder of the kennel, about tollers. We wanted to learn more about the breed and didn't think she would invite us for an interview.

We met Anina and she liked us, so our dream came true. We were getting our first toller!

We couldn't wait for April to come, when we finally got our ginger pup. We were so excited to welcome her and bring her home.

It has been some years since and we are so glad we chose a toller. Molly has changed our lives for the better. She and Mia are inseparable and they keep us entertained most days.

We live in Northern Zealand, near Copenhagen, together with our 2 year old daughter, Charlotte and our four-legged companions, Mia and Molly. We are expecting a new addition to our family in January 2024.

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