Tolling Activities

Molly (Redborn Dynamic Raven) and I have been participating in tolling hunt tests in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, since 2019.

We also train for the tests with experienced trainers and handlers through organised courses or our own group training both in Denmark and Sweden. 

From July 2023, Molly has started in Elite class of tolling hunt tests here in Denmark and had a fine debut on both days.

She has also participated in various working tests with the Danish Retriever Club here in Northern Zealand and Zealand.




Some photographs are taken by and used with permission from Anina Steentofte.

Dog Exhibitions

Molly has participated in various dog exhibitions since she was 6 months old, beginning with the Tollerspecialen in 2018, where she was awarded BIR Puppy (unofficial exhibition).

She has received wonderful critic from many judges during her showring career so far, which included quite a few Certificates from Denmark, Sweden, Austria and Poland. She has also been awarded with Nordic Certificates in Sweden and Denmark.

Most recently she became BIR in Austria and thus received her first exhibition title of ATWELSSG22.

Molly currently holds one CACIB from Austria.




Some photographs are taken by and used with permission from Anina Steentofte.

Training Activities

I believe it is essential to train with your dog as soon as possible, whether it is simple every day commands such as sit, stay, down, etc or training obedience from a young age.

Puppy training is the key to everything and as long as you are doing it on a regular basis, you will have a very good foundation for any other training or activity you embark on with your four-legged companion.

Molly started puppy training when she was 3 months old and we continued to go to training every week. 

Eventually, she graduated to obedience level not too long after that and was one of the youngest dogs in the group.

Once we started working towards her use test (Brugsprøve) with the Danish Retriever Club, when she was 10 months old, we then moved forward to hunt training. 

I found that it really helped to train both obedience and hunt training on separate occasions as it really helped build the foundations and cooperation between Molly and I.

Mia also trained obedience, which helped greatly towards our communication with each other. Though she is not as well trained as Molly, she reacts to certain commands really well.

Today, Molly and I continue training obedience separately from hunt training which helps maintain focus on different tasks at hand.


Some photographs are taken by and used with permission from Anina Steentofte.

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