Mia was born in November 2015 in Oxfordshire, England and was our first dog and family pet. We do not know much about her pedigree apart from that she was born on a farm. 

She is a border collie mix but we think she has origins of the Nap type of border collie.

She is the 'queen' of our home and keeps everyone on their toes. Extremely protective of her flock and is always on guard when new people or dogs come close.

She has always been very active and energetic since she was a puppy and we have done a few things with her such as nosework, obedience training and a little hunt training for fun. Mostly she enjoys long walks and playing fetch with balls or dummies.

Mia is a wonderful family dog and we look forward to many more years with her as our leader.


"Molly" Redborn Dynamic Raven 

Molly was born in February 2018 in Ringsted, Denmark to Vicky (Redborn Ultimate By Request) DK and Noice (Digby Tollers Daytona) SE. She was in a litter of 8 puppies, 3 boys and 5 girls.

Molly is our first toller and certainly won't be our last!

Since getting Molly, we have been busy with training in obedience, hunting and track. For the most part Molly trains for hunt tests and practical hunts. In July 2023, she started in Elite class in Denmark, following her second 1st prize in tolling hunt test in Hønning, Denmark in June of the same year. 

Molly has also participated in dog exhibitions in various Scandinavian countries including Denmark, Sweden and Norway. More recently she has participated in exhibitions in Poland and Austria. The latter being where she became BIR and received her first title ATWELSSG22.

At home Molly is our princess and rules over all of us. She is full of energy, drive and always keeps us alert about all that is going on in or around our house. She is also very friendly with children and enjoys playing fetch whenever she gets the chance.

She is a fantastic hunting dog and when training always keeps her focus on the tasks ahead. She also enjoys many challenges that are put in front of her whether at hunt training / hunt tests or dummy training.

Molly is our superstar and we look forward to many more years with her.


HD:  A

AD:  0

OCD:  0

Patella:  UA

Eyes:  No Remarks (06/06/2023)

Height:  46 cm

Weight:  16 kg

PRA:  Carrier

CEA:  -

DEN:  Clear By Parentage

DM:  Clear / Normal

JADD:  Clear / Normal

CP1:  Clear / Normal

CDDY:  Clear / Normal

CLPS:  Clear / Normal

BUFF:  Clear / Normal

CDMC:  Clear / Normal

CLAM:  Clear / Normal


Started in Elite Class of Tolling Hunt Tests in Denmark, July 2023

2 x 1st prize in Open Class Tolling Hunt Tests in Denmark

1 x 1st prize in Beginner Class Tolling Hunt Tests in Sweden

Passed Qualification Test in Tolling Hunt Tests in Denmark

Passed Retriever Use Test in DRK (Danish Retriever Club)



BIR - Austria (Wels 2022) - title ATWELSSG22

Cert - Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Poland

Nordic Cert - Sweden and Denmark

Austrian CACIB 

Polish Reserve CACIB 

BIR Puppy Tollarspecialen 2018

Reserve Junior Cert


Some photographs are taken by and used with permission from Anina Steentofte.

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