Upcoming Litter Plans

We await with eager anticipation, the arrival of this litter!

Molly (Redborn Dynamic Raven) and Apollo (Chrilika's Mission To The Moon) were mated on 13th July and it was a very successful mating.

What his owner, Moa, says about him:

'Apollo is a very friendly and goofy male. He loves to work and is a natural retriever. He is a quiet dog and has no problems looking on other dogs as they work.

He has competed in many dog sports and became rally obedience champion at just 2 years of age.

He has been on several bird hunts with me, as a retriever and always does his best. 

He also goes to dog shows where he has done really well.'

"Molly" Redborn Dynamic Raven 

HD: A 
AD: 0 
OCD: 0 
Patella: UA 
Eyes: No Remarks (06/06/2023) 
Height: 46 cm 
Weight: 16 kg 
PRA: Carrier 
CEA: - 
DEN: Clear By Parentage 
DM: Clear / Normal 
JADD: Clear / Normal 
CP1: Clear / Normal 
CDDY: Clear / Normal 
CLPS: Clear / Normal 
BUFF: Clear / Normal 
CDMC: Clear / Normal 
CLAM: Clear / Normal

Started in Elite Class of Tolling Hunt Tests in Denmark, July 2023 2 x 1st prize in Open Class Tolling Hunt Tests in Denmark 
1 x 1st prize in Beginner Class Tolling Hunt Tests in Sweden Passed Qualification Test in Tolling Hunt Tests in Denmark Passed Retriever Use Test in DRK (Danish Retriever Club) 

BIR - Austria (Wels 2022) - title ATWELSSG22
Cert - Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Poland
Nordic Cert - Sweden and Denmark
Austrian CACIB 
Polish Reserve CACIB 
BIR Puppy Tollarspecialen 2018
Reserve Junior Cert

"Apollo" Chrilika's Mission To The Moon

HD: A (A/A) 
AD: 0 (0/0) 
Eyelit UA 2021 
Height: 50 cm 
Weight: 20 kg 
DE (Degenerative Encephalopathy): Hereditarily Free 
PRA: Clear (A) 
CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly): Hereditarily free 
JADD (Juvenile Addison's Disease): Hereditarily free 

1 x Excellent in Open Class Tolling Hunt Tests in Sweden Norwegian Dual Winner, Ole Brumm Prize, Toller Festival 2022 (best Toller in tolling hunting test and exhibition combined) 
1 x Excellent in Beginner Class Tolling Hunt Tests in Sweden 
1 x 1st prize BK Tolling Hunt Tests, Norway (with dummies) 

Used in practical bird hunting 

Approved aptitude test game tracks 

Rally Obedience 
May 2022 Swedish Rally Obedience Champion - SE RALLYCH 

Swedish CC and Reserve Nordic Cert, Excellent with CK, best hunting male, 2nd best male. Judge: Theres Johansson, July 2022 

Swedish Reserve Cert, Excellent with CK, best hunting male, 3rd best male. Referee: Hans Rosenberg, July 2022 

Swedish Reserve Cert, Excellent with CK, best hunting male, 4th best male. Referee: Richard Paquette (Canada), Sept 2022 

Norwegian Reserve CC, Excellent with CK, Tollerfestivalen Norway, Judge: Chris Eealman (Kennel Rhineferry), June 2022 3rd best male, 2nd best hunting male, Tollerfestivalen Norway, June 2022 

Excellent with CK (Exterior assessment), Stockholm Kennel Club, Feb 2022 

Best hunting male Stockholm dog fair, Dec 2022 

6 x Best hunting male 

HP Puppy, Norbergs Kennelklubb, Sept 2020


A few photos of Molly and Apollo - July 2023

"Nalu" Redborn Warrior Princess 

Molly's first litter was conceived through insemination. The father of the litter was Webley's Gibli from Sweden.

Nalu was born on 18th November 2021, following an emergency cesarean section. Due to complications in Molly's pregnancy, unfortunately we lost the other 2 puppies.

Nalu lives with her owner Jørgen and his family in Holbæk, Zealand.

She comes and visits us whenever her family goes on holiday or just to say hello.



Some photographs are taken by and used with permission from Mille Vinkel Simonsen.

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